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I am a BadAss Women, creating the possibility of....


: a chance that something might exist, happen, or be true.


Since the very first BA.Women event in March 2018, there has always been a vision for women to come together to creating new possibilities. So what does that even mean.. possibility? Remember when you were a kid and anything you thought and dream't had a 100% probability that it could happen? You knew you could BE anything you said you wanted to be? It's kinda like that.

Often we are trying to fix ourselves, want more, or to be different. "More, better, different syndrome." That's like trying to build a home on an already broken foundation, it doesn't work. What if there was nothing wrong from the start? Then what would you create?

We believe that if you come from a place of nothing, a blank canvas when creating... that this is where your true authentic self can come forth. YOU ARE THE MOST UNIQUE AND VALUABLE GIFT... WE NEED YOU AND YOUR IDEAS!

What is something you want in your life? At each event we invite all our attendees to declare that and look at it a new way. SO instead of thinking once you HAVE the dream job then you will BE confident... we say

  • BE,

  • DO,

  • HAVE Baby!

Ask yourself: Who do you need to BE, and then DO, to HAVE the results you want? These pictures are the first action step in declaring that. The possibility of _confident_. We promise, as FU FU as this sounds, stating what you want and putting it into the world can produce results you would have never dream't (or have dream't) of.

This is how #BAWomen exist. We are the possibility of BEING BADASS WOMEN.

Check out these badass women who took action on their possibilities!

Link to this gallery here. Photos taken by Rachabella Photography.

Comment below with what you are up to creating!

#bawomen #badasswomen #beyourownbadass

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