A better question might be: 

"Who aren't we?"

B.A. Women began as a conversation and evolved into a community, creating a tangible space for discussions on female empowerment, ideas from A to Z, and unapologetic new beginnings.

Our Story

With an insurmountable volume of badass women in our own circles, our founding genesis was: Let’s get everyone in the same room and celebrate that (there might have been champagne). Needless to say, the energy was unparalleled — igniting our purpose and paving the way to be oh-so untethered from traditional job titles. Diversity is the root of our badassery, uniting women from different backgrounds under a common goal: to grow from supportive connections and follow through on verbal commitments.

A couple of killer conferences and a brand spankin’ new podcast later, B.A. Women has become an enriching opportunity to learn from women of all walks — whether you’re entrepreneurial, corporate, somewhere in between, or have no idea where to start but you’re ​ready​ to make waves. We’re in the business of that.

 I AM A 


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What are BA. Conferences?

Take a networking event, sprinkle some extra creative freedom on top, a profusion of forward mindsets, and top it off with a heavy dose of thinking outside of the box — and you have the epitome of a BA. Conference. 

What to expect at a BA. Conference:

·Value-packed panels

·Like-minded women and networking

·Hands-on workshops

·Brand Activations

·Conversation for what is possible
·One hell of a good time!

Brand Integrations & Activations

Want to learn how your product or companies name can be experienced by our audience?  We partner with brands that align with our values and can authentically be engaged by our community.  We bring your story to life.  If interested in integrating your brand with B.A. Women, drop us a line. We’d love to chat about the possibility of including you in one of our conferences.

 I AM A 


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Business WOMAN

The BA. Experience

We want to bring the experience of a BA. Conference to your company. It's an opportunity for networking, education, and support for the Badass women in your business. Our aim is to bring women together to reach their full potential and achieve success. Each conference is tailored to fit the needs of your office with value-packed panels, hands-on workshops, and fun times!

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